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So for like the past 3 years I've been hosting my images for various things on Photobucket, only for today over half my stuff get replaced with a "update your account to allow 3rd party hosting".

It's really annoying, not mainly because everything I have is on there, so the background images for the merlin reverse comms got deleted, my artwork for merlin reverse, icons, banners and who knows how much else -- and I don't know if more is going to get blocked, but it's a pretty depressing prospect to have to go and reupload everything and replace the links ...

I've backed up like 3 things on LJ now, is that generally where people do it or do you have other sites? My main thing is that it's free, I have 0 money to pay for subscriptions!!

*bashes head against wall* -- fantastic.
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Promo: Coinelot Auction

So I've been very absent, but here I'm quickly dropping in to promote the Coinelot fandom auction happening 30th April. There's some fantastic stuff, so check it out!!

I've put up two lots for original music/compositions here.There's lots of other (much more exciting) lots, buy nows and prompts there too! :)

A fandom auction to help finance the second Merthur OTP Convention.
To visit the Auction and/or learn more about it, click the banner.
For more information on COiNELOT, visit
@coinelot on tumblr.
Merlin sparks

The year ahead and other such stuff ...

So it's 2017? The end of the year crept up on me and I'm still a little surprised when I see the date!

I've been a little quiet recently fandom-wise, generally because I've had some big changes RL-wise and well ... things have changed. I dropped out of a couple of fests and currently I'm not intending on signing up for any this coming year (although, After Camlann might tempt me). I really want to focus on the novel I'm writing and it's a mix of uni, life, sleep ... you get the picture!

I'm still definitely around for merlin_reverse and incredibly excited to be modding - it's going to be fantastic!! But my personal creation of fanworks is sort of on pause for the next while which is sad, but I need to get some things strightened out.


I've backed up my LJ on Deamwidth, where I'm currently posting and cross-posting. I'm not really sure what the whole server move thing means exactly, but better to be safe than sorry!


Otherwise, wishing you all a happy and wonderful new year!
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Reader needed

So I have a preliminary draft for winterknights and wondered if someone would be willing to look it over? No SPAG skills necessary, just reading and giving me your thoughts :)

For one reason or another I'm not entirely happy with it, but would like someone else's opinion as whether to edit what I've got or start over.

It's less than 2k, Merlin/Arthur, fairly angsty, modern!AU.
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Fic/Fanwork Update

A Hand to Hold (ART) :: This was my art entry for ACBB, with the wonderul stay_with_me. I absolutely adored the fic and was really pleased with how my pieces turned out! Composing isn't new to me but composing for a purpose as such if and I was really pleased at the extent to which the pieces reflected the fic.

Rise Up Like the Sun :: Fic entry for ACBB done and dusted (phew!) It was great to get it posted (on time this year!!) and le_red_queen's art was simply stunning :)

First, The Heart (Chapter One)

reel_merlin 'A Good Year' AU :: I've come to realise the film isn't that great, but as a potential for an AU it's excellent, I've just spiced it up a bit and well ... we'll see how things go!

First, the Heart (Chapter two) :: Trying to get my ideas in order, it's not working.

(Way too many - any suggestions on which I could pursue?)
S4 AU where Agravaine and Morgana conspire against Emrys, telling Arthur there's a dangerous sorcerer out there and blaming Morgana's attacks on Emrys. Merlin is trying to remedy the situation which leads to magic reveal etc etc.

3x11 AU Morgana enchants Uther to think that because he beat Arhtur in the tournament, Arhtur isn't fit to rule - leading to Arhtur being disinherited, probably imprisoned (because I'm mean like that), everything going very badly and Merlin trying to sort it all out.

A Thousand Pieces of You AU Or not really but the premise is kinda of the same. The idea is you can jump between realities into different versions of yourself. Merlin's special, he only 'exists' in one reality but can go into any other at will (everyone else is bound to realities where they exist). Arthur is some kind of law enforcement and basically they end up meeting ... you know what happens next!

Canon AU S4 Post 4x06 - Agravaine approaches a visiting King and convinces him to side with Morgana. The King agrees, but signs his treaty with Arthur anyway. Intending to spark a conflict, the visiting king them kidnaps Merlin, playing on Arthur's feelings for Merlin and knowing Arthur will come to rescue him, sparking a war. Basically Agravaine being evil like he always is with generous Merthur whump.